In 2020 we will be migrating to four shipments per year (from the current six) and these will be released in February, May, August and November.  All members will have the option of electing to receive more wine for a higher level of savings.  For our shipping members, this means your annual shipping costs will reduce.  With less shipments per year, we will have the opportunity to host additional Wine Club events, while also enhancing our four “Pick-up Parties”.

Below we provide our current plans regarding the new club tiers and benefits, plus answers to questions our club members raised through a recent survey.

Thank you for your continued membership of Club 1909 and for any feedback you can provide. Your suggestions are important to us as we move forward; please email:


Below we introduce the four new club tiers and associated benefits:


Q: Can we have a 3-bottle club with the ability to exchange wine? 

A: For existing members we will offer a “Classic Club”: 3 bottles, 4 times per year. This will give a 15% discount on wines and merchandise and all other benefits remain unchanged. You will be able to exchange the wines in your shipment, as long as the wines you select are of equal or greater value to the wines in the club.

Q: When will the new club format start and do we opt in/opt out?

A: Our plan is to launch the new club structure in February 2020.  This is a regular shipment month under the existing structure, so it is a good launch pad.  We will migrate all members to one of the new tiers and communicate this in advance.  Members will have the ability to switch between tiers after the initial shipment.

Q: Can we suspend our membership or skip a shipment?

A: We do allow members to put their membership “on hold”. However, currently, benefits stop until the member resumes their membership.

Q: Can we switch between pick-up and ship?

A: Given sufficient notice, we will allow members to switch between picking up their wine from the tasting room or shipping it to their home/work address.

Q: Will you consider an evening Pick-up Party?

A: We are open to bringing back an evening Pickup Party, or other events, especially in the warmer/lighter months.  There is a lot of support for our Sunday party, so we would likely need to offer both to please as many as we can!

Q: Will we be able to select the wines we want in our shipment?

A: For shipping members you will be able to choose the wines you wish to receive from the selection we provide in advance.  For our pick-up members, we will select the wines for you, but when you pick them up, you will be able to exchange them for wines of equal or greater value. 

Q: Is there a restriction on the choice of wines?

A: We produce roughly 35 different wines across our four brands: Baileyana, Tangent, True Myth and Zocker.  Approximately half of these wines are small production lots, made exclusively for our Tasting Room customers and Wine Club members. These wines are not distributed to stores or restaurants in California or any other state and are usually the wines we put in the shipments. The only restriction is when we sell out!

Q: Can we have a members-only area?

A: We have looked into the feasibility of this and unfortunately, our space is just not conducive to creating such an area at this time.

Q: We love the idea of free shipping – can we have that for everything?

A: Shipping in the wine industry is a costly business – from the packaging through to adult signature on delivery.  We already subsidize shipping for club members and with this change we are looking to not increase shipping prices, even though there will be more bottles in the shipment. We do offer “free shipping” specials on a regular basis.  Currently, if you wish to add to your regular shipment to make it a case or more, we will ship for free!

Q: With a shipment in August, how do you avoid shipping wine in the heat?

A: Unfortunately, there is no way of splitting the year in four without including a summer month!  There are options for our members who live in the hotter areas. 1) We can hold your shipment and ship after the summer, perhaps together with your November shipment. 2) We are investigating the cost of shipping the wine on ice.

Q: How do you calculate the costs of your shipments?

A: The retail prices of our wines range from $17 (our high production Tangent Sauvignon Blanc) to $60 (our exclusive Baileyana S-BAR Pinot Noir) and the average is about $35.  Consider the Choice Club, for example, with a 20% discount, the average cost of four bottles would be $112.  The actual cost of your shipment will depend on the four wines we choose and as stated elsewhere, we aim to choose the limited production wines and we do not repeat the same wine in consecutive shipments.  Our white wines tend to be less expensive than the red wines and so the average shipment cost for the White Wine Only Club is going to be less than the Red Wine Only Club!

Q: What is the difference between Certified Sustainable in Practice (SIP) and Organic?

A:Please see the table below, which compares SIP with Orgnanic and Biodynamic vineyard practices:

We welcome any further questions and concerns: please email

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